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Improved Performance

We have a proven track record of improving our client's overall performance through collaborative efforts with their in-house teams. We support with root-cause analytics for performance opportunities and strategic action plan creation for improvement.

Reduced Cost

Our models generally make a positive contribution to our client's bottom-line.
We contribute with savings ranging from 20% – 50% for labor and operating expense.

Auxiliary Locations

Our team has proven its versatility with new technologies and communication platforms across the industry (with an exceptional learning curve for current clients).

Multiple Communication Channels

Here is an opportunity to create a secondary location (diversify and decentralize) with our support.
Our site becomes yours.

Express is all about the US Transportation industry

We have our own trucking company that was built from the ground up (started with one courier van) and have since branched into a continually updating triple-digit fleet of Dry Vans and Smart Reefers.

We understand the industry from every angle thanks to our development process and in an attempt to get it right, learned from some of the industry’s best until we expanded our reach to develop our technologies and tools.

We have since merged the trucking industry with the Business Process Outsourcing industry to get and give the best of both worlds. We now offer outsourcing service to other small owner-operators who don't have the resource (time, money or knowledge) to execute the rest of their business and also provide a tailored service for some of the largest Trucking companies looking to adjust to the industry needs by building efficiency into their fleet through cost-effective solutions.



Driver Placement

Safety & Compliance


Why should you outsource?

The Trucking industry is changing and if you are going to survive the changes in the freight market and build your brand for the future, you have to make some changes as well. Consider;

We give you options – Onshore (our US Offices), Nearshore (4hrs from USA) or a Hybrid (let’s customize and give you both locations for redundancy)

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What Clients Say


"Cannot ask for more, more than satisfied with the attentive service received from team"

Apex Logistics; JJ

Happy Clients

"Express Dedicated has and always been doing a outstanding job.”


Happy Clients

"Great dispatch staff always working together. Drivers are professional and understanding with time and loading procedures.”


Happy Clients

“…provided a steady level of service with very few pitfalls. Our hope is that Express Dedicated can continue with its current level of service and be a long term partner.”


Happy Clients

"... loved to share with you personally my thanks for fantastic work your team did this past 5 months with managing the weather. This was the best weather management process we’ve had in my many years with CRST.  Your team provided coverage professionally and with precision on a very consistent basis – and around the clock

Director of Safety; TP

Happy Clients

"...we were very pleased with the performance of the team. This was a very harsh winter, and I thought your team down there did an excellent job – especially for this being our first winter working together..."

Manager Accident Prevention;MB

Happy Clients

“I'm in agreement of the results that we are seeing from the team. I'm excited to meet them in person next week and to let them know how much their efforts are appreciated!”

VP of Client Services, RD

Happy Clients

"A couple of things… NICE WORK! We saw a significant bump and faster processing than our FWS average.”

Driver Safety Manager, RP

Happy Clients

"Thank you for being so flexible and helping out! It’s very much appreciated here!”

Driver Safety Manager, RP

Happy Clients