ISS provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing business processes ensuring positive outcomes for your organization


Back office work is the most tedious of roles available. Why use your high caliber employees to tackle these monotonous tasks when you can lower the cost associated with the job and redirect your employees to a more strategic role to boost your overall performance. Let us take on those tiresome roles while using your mandated standards to assess and deliver the level of performance you’ve grown accustomed to from your team or even bettering it. Our experienced team can support all settlements, clearance, record maintenance, compliance, and accounting related services for the transportation industry - let us help you in the shadows.

We have services tailored based on your business needs with dedicated human resource to track all administrative activities relevant to the industry.

    Saves you time

    Labor cost

    Minimizes errors (dedicated support)

    Opportunity cost to build your business

    Gives a strategic view of your business

    Gives peace of mind

We Will

    Provide audits/checks for compliance to your standards

    Change personnel at your request

    Provide recaps/reviews at scheduled intervals

    Provide corrective actions to achieve business targets

Back Office Support

    Rate confirmations

    Brokerage Carrier Agreement



    2290 Tax Filing

    Track Toll Expense


    Over Size Permit

    Weekly Profit and Loss


    Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Payable

    Track Fuel Expense