ISS provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing business processes ensuring positive outcomes for your organization


You need experts on the front end, engaging your customers, clients, and drivers. Errors made at the front can be costly and time-consuming to correct. Let an experienced team known for remarkable soft skills thanks to even entry-level members having more than five (5) years experience, and an exceptional ability to adapt to changing environments support you in those transactions. Our team already supports several trucking companies in these capacities who are willing to attest to our high level of contribution to their business success.

    We have customizable job descriptions for each role and can quickly source and train the talents to execute.

    We have a scalable operation with less than 30days execution timeline from project inception.

    A secure environment (data and people protection guaranteed)

    Dedicated technology team for phone and IT-related configurations

    A solid Business Continuity Plan (redundancy measures) to keep your operation moving

Support Services

    Customer Service Reps


    Telemarking Specialist

    Marketing Specialist

    Driver Manager

    Fleet Manager

    Weather Monitors


    Receivable Specialist

    Operations Managers

    Payable Specialist

    Sales Manager

    Track & Trace Associates

    Driver Recruiter

    Log Monitoring


    Freight Brokers