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Our Advantge. GUYANA; Our Advantage

Labor Force

  • Only Native English speakers in South America
  • Country population >770,000 with >40% living within the city and along the Coastline combined
  • Unemployment rate of 11%
  • Literacy rate >90%
  • >2000 University graduates per year (University of Guyana, Global Technology, School of the Nations, Texila University, American University of Peace studies, etc.)

Cultural appreciation and affinity

  • Television, music and arts consumption heavily influenced by US
  • Remittance (1990 - 1m; 2000 - 7m; 2010 - 368m) and travel (>30,000 per year with US as main destination)
  • Service focused industry as the largest employer for millineums (Qualfon, Teleperformane, Emerge BPO with >5000 employees)

Short travel from USA; 4.5hrs direct from Miami, FL with major airlines i.e. CAL, COPA, Suriname Airlines and American Airlines in comparison to India and Philippines


Value for money

  • Average savings of 30-40% on wages without any impact to performance quality
  • Salaries more competitive than India and Phillipines

Major Industries

  • Agro-processing
  • Mining
  • Services
  • Oil