Safety and Compliance Services

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Safety and Compliance Services

The trucking industry is heavily regulated, and non-compliance could lead to high cost and closure for any size of trucking company. We know it’s easy to forget to follow all the steps required to achieve and maintain compliance because we have been there. We know how difficult assigning a dedicated resource to the fleet's safety can be when you have a small team. We know the importance of taking serious safety steps while being cost-conscious.

We are experienced with building safety teams from the ground up. We can create the structure for your safety department by building your orientation deck to ensure your drivers are onboarded in a manner that sets you up for success while instilling the right safety values. We can create the necessary system to provide an efficient and effective system for data collection, retention, and scheduled reviews to ensure your Driver Qualification Files are to standard. Let us support your fleet with real-time monitoring to prevent violations or historical tracking (within 24hrs) to promote swift coaching, possible correction, and prevention for ELD related opportunities.

Back Office Support

    Recommended tools and systems

    Complete setup for safety department

    Continuous compliance setup and monitoring

    Mock audits with corrective action plans

    Drive Camera Monitoring

    Compliance audit representation

    Dedicated support team

    Data security

    DQF Audit & Management